Road Map North America NEXT 2016-1

For BMW cars built between (2013-2015)

If you are uncertain what map you need please visit “How to choose your map“.

The FSC Activation Code is included in this price (GBP 34.99 is the equivalent of $50 which will be automaticly converted by PayPal).

TheĀ Road Map North America NEXT 2016-1 map is intended for the NBT Navigation Unit.

Updating your maps through the Glovebox USB port is the fastest way of performing the update. For cars with NBT unit that no longer have the glove box usb port, the center console port will be used. The procedure is simple and is detailed step by step in the instructions file you will receive with your map and code.

You will also receive the step by step installation instructions which are very easy to follow.

How to be sure you have NBT Navigation:

NBT Navigation Unit

If your graphics are like in the picture above then your unit is NBT.

  • FSC Code included
  • Instant Download
  • Digital delivery