Update process starting

1. Find the map you need

This is the most important step because there are many versions depending on the type of unit installed in your BMW.

You can find this easy by looking at our How to choose your map page.

These maps are installed on BMW and Mini units. If you have an older map for example Europe Premium 2012 you will be able to update to the latest map Europe Premium 2021 without any problems.

2. Purchase the map

After finding the right map for your car all you need to do is choose the one you need from our homepage and purchase it. All you need during the checkout process is your car’s VIN number which is used for the activation code because each car is unique and requires a different activation code.

3. Download the update file

After your purchase is complete you will receive a download link of the map. You will need to download it and extract the zip archive. You will also have a step by step instructions pdf file.

4. Copy the files to a USB drive

After you extracted the files from the zip archive you need to copy them to a USB drive which you will plug into your car’s USB port. Depending on the map you need you will either use the glove box usb port or the center console but you will know exactly from the instructions file which you will receive after the purchase.

5. Plug it in and Start the Update

That’s it, after the update prompt comes up just hit Start Update to install it. It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete and now your BMW will have the latest maps installed.

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